About Canadian Family Pharmacy: The Facts That Win Customers

Canadian Family Pharmacy is a phenomenon in the industry that needs to be paid attention to and explained. If you care for your health and the health of your near and dear, if you wish to be certain in the quality of medications that you use to improve it, if you would like to discreetly order your drugs and have them delivered timely to your door, and if, on top of everything, you would like to avoid paying the high costs of pharmaceutical products that the industry is plagued with today, you want to learn more about CFP.

Who we are and what we do

We are certain that you have already taken a look around our website. If not, you should absolutely do so: we are extremely proud of our elegant, comprehensible and functional interface. Here at our virtual store, everything is well-structured and within an easy reach. The intuitive factor is what we make the accent on: customers that come over for the first time can find all they need following simple routines that feel effortless and natural, and see what we are about without further ado. However, it is important that you hear about us before becoming our customer – or get familiar with some new aspects of our pharmacy if you are already an experienced CFP shopper.

Our company’s goal, policy, aspirations and tasks are all pretty much summed up by our name: Canadian Family Pharmacy. As you can easily deduce, we are oriented at bringing the best medications for every family member, pets included, of every age, and at the best prices ever quoted on the Internet – for it goes without saying that when you have a family budget to consider, every little discount counts – a pun intended!

It is not only the ‘Family’ part of it that is tell-tale, but ‘Canadian’, too, speaks volumes about the way we are and what we can do for you. If you reside outside of Canada, like thousands of our other customers, you may not be aware of the peculiarities of Canadian pharmacy and healthcare system. Canadian pharmacy practice involves evaluating and ensuring the appropriate use of medications, including the detection and prevention of pharmacotherapeutic problems, the preparation, storage and delivery of medications for the purpose of maintaining or restoring health.

The take-home message is that we as a pharmacy do not only distribute low-cost, high-quality drugs, but provide a full range of customer services, consisting in:

Advantages that make a difference

Since the drugs have a fixed price regulated by the government, the major benefit of sourcing your drugs from a Canadian e-store is the price; it is not unusual for a Canadian medication to cost ten times less than the identical drug bought from a US based pharmacy chain.

Another major advantage of a Canadian-based pharmacy is that the quality of the medicines and patient here has long become proverbial. The practice of a CFP is to assess and ensure the appropriate use of drugs, particularly to identify and prevent pharmacotherapeutic problems in preparing, storing and delivering drugs in order to maintain or restore health – not at all so in other countries, with our closes neighbor the US being a stark example for that.

The goal of follow-up is to ensure that the results achieved are those targeted by the pharmacotherapeutic goals. In other words, CFPy will not only ensure to deliver the right drug to the right patient, but also monitor the effectiveness, compliance and tolerance.

Our Stuff

In the US, it is the doctor is responsible for this follow-up, while the pharmacist often has only a limited role in dispensing and associated counseling. In case of Canadian Pharmacy, it is the pharmacist who provides for potential problems with drug therapy (dose, monitoring, side effects, interactions) and participate in the optimization of treatment (in conjunction with other health professionals of course).

Ultimately, the pharmacist must monitor the effectiveness and safety of drug therapy. It’s the same for membership. The patient’s record must include all relevant elements for follow-up: symptoms, lifestyle, biology results, etc. The supervision of therapy is therefore part of the model of pharmaceutical care recommended by the College’s standards of practice. The pharmacist is no longer a simple preparer or dispenser. He becomes an actor in the care of the patient in collaboration with other professionals.

As part of the pharmacy practice, the activities reserved for the pharmacists at Canadian Family Pharmacy are as follows:

  • Issue a pharmaceutical opinion;
  • Prepare medicines;
  • Sell ​​drugs
  • Monitor drug therapy;
  • Initiate or adjust, according to a prescription, drug therapy, using appropriate laboratory tests as appropriate.
  • Extending an order of a physician, in accordance with the terms and conditions prescribed by regulation, so that the treatment prescribed by the physician to a patient is not interrupted; the period of extension of an order may not exceed the term of validity of the original order or, if the term is longer than one year, it may not exceed one year.

Our specialty: why order ED drugs from Canadian Family Pharmacy

Finding an effective drug against male impotence is a challenge, especially if you do not know what to look for. There are many medications and erection-related pills available. So our doctors, pharmacy technicians and editors gather and update information about the best erectile pills to treat erectile dysfunction to make your decision easier. Of those, we offer you the most complete choice that there is. Find a brief survey of the principal molecules used for the treatment of ED below.

The three main molecules used in oral medications for erectile dysfunction are:

  1. Sildenafil
  2. Vardenafil
  3. Tadalafil

These drugs are phosphodiesterase inhibitors indicated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. They act on the relaxation of the smooth muscles of the cavernous body and thus they increase the arterial flow at the origin of the erection. These drugs are facilitators of erection. They are effective only if their catch is associated with a sexual stimulation and caresses on the erogenous zones, it is thus necessary to practice preliminaries to facilitate the erection. They are only issued on medical prescription and are not reimbursed by the health insurance funds, which why they are so popular as low-cost generics, and those are what our specialty is at Canadian Family Pharmacy.

High qualityEach active substance can be found at our drugstore in form of a generic produced by a reliable and reputable pharmaceutical company. Before making an actual offer on the pages of our website, we carefully investigate and test the product, making sure that its quality is top notch. Only the best drugs at the most attractive prices get quoted at Canadian Family Pharmacy website.

CFP offers special deals on ED packs and a further reduction in price when you order larger amounts. For bulkier orders, we offer free shipping and free shipping insurance – check those on our page with shipping details. And as our compliment to every customer, we include 4 bonus pills of either Viagra or Cialis for you to choose from.

Dealing with our pharmacy, you will only experience high quality of products and services, affordable prices, always a number of attractive bonuses, discounts and special offers, great informational support and exquisite patient care. Anxiously waiting for you to partake of our unique healthcare provision!