Canadian Family Pharmacy: More than a Simple Online Pharmacy

Welcome to the website of Canadian Family Pharmacy! Here you will be offered a full package of pharmaceutical services:

  • 100% safe and effective medicines for every member of your family regardless of the age or health status;
  • the lowest prices possible;
  • advantageous promotions that help to save even more money;
  • free consultations with an experienced physician-therapist;
  • monitoring your treatment course;
  • checking and controlling the quality of products and storage conditions.We know that your health is your biggest value and that's why we work hard every day to help you take care of it with a minimum of effort and expenses.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Canadian Family Pharmacy has developed a distinct set of corporate rules. We have a credo that covers several important aspects of running a successful large scale business: high quality, quick service, and unquestionable responsibility. Our main goal is to create a better market for everyone, both customers and businesses. A leveled playing field with adequate prices and credibility will undoubtedly lead to a much improved experience for everyone involved.

Our philosophy

At our pharmacy, we dream of a better world where healthcare products are totally accessible to anyone, and they are all of reliable quality. Our company is created by people for people, and the least thing we can do in order to support each other in the moment of sickness is to provide every means of getting better. We humans have limited control over what illnesses afflict us, but we can extend a helping hand to our near and dear, offering the most up-to-date recovery tools. Every single member of our staff dedicated their lives to unconditional values: human life, and assisting people across the borders to get their access to medications that save lives and improve life quality is the least we can do to make this happen.

To this end, we collaborate with multiple pharmaceutical companies that charge for materials used and work done, not for long-term investments made, promotions or brand names. Thanks to this, every drug on our formulary retails for a price that is absolutely minimal and essentially affordable for families with different income level. This is our daily contribution to the world where the right to healthcare is undisputed and universally granted.

Our family pharmacy services

We dedicate our utmost attention to families where one or more members are in need of chronic medicating. With full understanding the toll it takes, we approach patients with special needs with special solutions. In our asthma and diabetes section, you will find a full range of treatments to face these and other conditions that require constant attending to, and we offer individual refill plans to go along with these.

We also suggest that you offer jointly with your significant other to cut down the shipping fee by two, and while it is not allowed to have one joint account for spouses, you can always act as a proxy ordering medications for someone else, provided that you are authorized to do so by the patient. For ordering drugs for minors, a prescription is enough, where applicable.

Generic Viagra

Generic Viagra (sildenafil) is an erectile enhancer with dozens of patient-years of confirmed efficacy and safety. Works 60 minutes after the intake restoring erectile capacity in full, shortening recovery time and fighting performance anxiety.

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Generic Cialis

Generic Cialis (tadalafil) brings back the ability to achieve hard and lasting erection; 36 hours of blocked ED symptoms with full meal / alcohol compatibility. Shortened refractory time as an added health benefit.

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Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra (vardenafil) helps to achieve erections that are hard and controllable every time sexual stimulation occurs. The drug features the lowest side effect profile in its class, while offering major health advantages such as faster recoveries and stamina boost.

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