Canadian Family Pharmacy: High-Quality Guarantee

Welcome to Canadian Family Pharmacy, a company providing pharmaceutical services for your health care! We have been servicing the industry for 17 years and have managed to build a set of corporate rules and approaches to service clients better. To meet all their expectations, we stand for high-quality pharmaceutical products, fast service, and utmost responsibility. Since generics are one of our main focuses, we strive to open this market for everyone including collaborations with businesses. With our pharmacy, you will find an affordable pricing policy, and confidence in every product you get from us.

Generic Viagra

Viagra (Sildenafil) is a renowned erectile dysfunction booster known for its utmost efficacy and fast action. After the intake, it takes approximately 60 minutes, and you get a steady erection, and lowered performance anxiety.

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Generic Cialis

Cialis (Tadalafil) is an erectile enhancer aimed at providing men with lasting erections for up to 36 hours. It fits those men who plan to take the pill alongside alcohol and meals since it won’t affect the efficacy.

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Generic Levitra

Levitra (Vardenafil) is another erectile booster alternative for steady and hard erections. The medication is known for a low profile of side effects with boosted health advantages including smooth recoveries, and uplifted stamina.

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Here, you can access the following services:

  • Only safe, and licensed medications for your whole family that fit various age categories, and health conditions;
  • Affordability at its best;
  • Regular promotions aimed at your savings;
  • Free online consultations with our physician-therapist team;
  • Online monitoring of your treatment regimen;
  • Continuous checkups of product quality, and storage conditions;
  • Checking and controlling the quality of products and storage conditions.

Your health is your biggest value, while we keep on working to help you take care of it with fewer efforts, and money involved.

Our philosophy

Like many other pharmaceutical companies, we have our goals and plans in terms of our services. We primarily focus on making the generic market open to every person who can find medications at reduced prices without sacrificing the quality. We are a team of people who know how crucial pharmaceutical treatment can be for one or another health condition, hence, we promote the client’s awareness of possible modalities and their contraindications. You can learn all the side effects, indications of each product to not see the bright side of the modalities only just to keep you safe. Every person who communicates with you from our service is dedicated to prolonging human life and assisting all those in need to boost their wellbeing.

As of now, we have several collaborations with pharmaceutical companies. They charge for materials used and work done with no long-term investments or involvement of brand names. Thanks to this, you see reduced prices that fit various paying capacities.

Our family pharmacy services

My Canadian Family Pharmacy caters to servicing families where one or another member may require pharmaceutical treatment. By possessing extensive expertise in available modalities for health conditions, we know how to recommend the best medications. You can find asthma, diabetes assortment to cope with that conditions. Beyond that, we are ready to meet your needs regarding other treatments too.

Finally, with our company, you can access offers for shipping fees by two which fits creating a joint account for spouses. Otherwise, you can sign up for a proxy ordering of medications for others if you are authorized so, and for minors when having a valid prescription.

Why Choose Our Generics Over Branded Medications?

To help you rest assured knowing that generics are go-choices, we would like to speak of their difference to brand pills. First off, as was hinted above, it is all about pricing policy because generics are cheaper, hence, more affordable.

No need to worry about their safety profiles, because a generic is only an analogue of the existing brand drug. A pharmaceutical company works for years to patent the brand drug including expenses on trials, and research. After receiving a green light for the patent, other companies proceed with using the original formulas but with less money and time spent on developing a generic analogue.

The final generic analogues may appear in the industry under another name, but they will always feature the same main ingredient. At Happy family pharmacy, we ensure to get the generics only from licensed and time-proven pharmaceutical companies that won’t rig both you and us.