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What can be more important than your health?

Canadian Family Pharmacy is a specialized online drugstore that offers original products for treatment and prevention from occurrence of various diseases. This pharmacy is designed with a comprehensive approach to meet demands of the whole family. CFP cooperates with the leading world manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceutical products. Here you can get professional advice from a specialist and purchase a wide range of medicines, dietary supplements, professional cosmetics, homeopathic drugs and other healthcare products. Our finest quality and service will not leave you indifferent.

CFP’s goal is to help people buy goods for health. Well-being is a quality of our life. A healthy person is full of strength, energy, and aspirations. Health is beauty, lightness and happy life. Therefore, it is so important to support and protect your body. The aim of our service is to help you maintain your health and well-being for many years to come. We help you take care of your health making the purchase process simple and convenient.

What prevents you from being healthy?

Respondents from different corners of the globe answered this question to us. When establishing Canadian Family Pharmacy, we analyzed the answers, took into account the most common problems of users and found convenient solutions for everyone.

“I have little time to visit a drug store”.

This inner monologue is conducted by thousands of people every day, but routine activities are time-consuming. We continue to postpone our healthcare. With the help of our service, you will make an order in 5 minutes and get a required medicine fast.

My physician prescribed a rare drug. I cannot find it”.

Thrash from one pharmacy to another, disappointment, and getting informed of absence of a necessary drug are laborious and nervous procedures. Do you have an experience with this? CFP’s database contains about 12000 names of medicines. Even if a necessary product is not available now, the pharmacy’s stock gets replenished every 5 days to make sure all required medications are on site. 

“I need to buy a whole list of products”.

It always gets complicated when instead of one or two items you have to look for a whole bunch of products. As a rule, you have to pop in several pharmacies to buy everything you need. CFP suggests you to place an order with a whole list of products on website and have them door-to-door delivered.  

“It’s physically hard for me to go all over the town in search for required medications”.

Moms with children, elderly people, pensioners are united by the need to buy necessary health goods in a pharmacy located nearby. Our service relieves you of leaving home and setting on find-your-medicine quest.

“It’s too expensive for me”.

Today health is not cheap. Even the most modest list of medicines can cost us a pretty penny. But the price for the same product in different pharmacies can seriously differ. Canadian Family Pharmacy is your economic assistant. It offers a favorable price that obviously reduces the risk of overpayment.

“I do not want to run into fraudulent medications on the Internet”.

Internet network is a synonym for anonymity which means an excuse for fraud development. It’s scary to get a fake product that will not only cure but can also harm health. All products on our website are authentic. Each product is licensed and verified by pharma control. The pharmacy has an address on the website, telephone number and contact details.  

“I am embarrassed to buy goods at a pharmacy”.

This awkward situation is familiar to everyone: you stand in line for a medicine and tremble at the thought that now you have to publicly pronounce its name. With online CFP, you pre-select and store the goods in the basket. And when you receive the name and the number of the order. No emotional experience at all!

Canadian Family Pharmacy: always at your service!

The quality of our products is verified by long-term scientific studies of their properties in combination with a rich technical base. Our medications are recommended by experienced physicians, so customers come back to us again and again which is indeed an indicator of perfectly executed work! CFP is a team of medical experts. We want to make pharmaceutical market affordable and effective. We acquire products from majeures because they are not limited to the scope of tender purchases and use only proven medications. We implement high-quality service at all stages.

Our goals: