FAQ To Guide You Through Canadian Family Pharmacy Work Process

This page will have all of your questions answered. If there is still a question left that you cannot find an answer for, you can contact our customer support – we will get back to you within the shortest timeframe and explain how the things work! Meanwhile, make sure that you have read our FAQ page accurately.

How can I place an order on our website?

Please, check the section “How to make an order”.

2. What is the minimum order amount?

For the first order, the minimum order amount is 3 U.S. dollars. For the second and subsequent orders, the minimum amount of orders is 5 U.S. dollars.

3. Why do general prices differ from the ones on your website?

We try to keep attractive prices for our customers, so the prices for medications on our website are valid and apply only to the online order made on https://www.mycanadianfamilypharmacy.com, and may differ from the prices for the drugs at offline and some online stores.

4. What are the guarantees that your product is genuine and high-quality?

For many years, CFP has been cooperating with large manufacturers which have proved themselves in the pharmaceutical market as reliable suppliers that guarantee quality and authenticity of medicines and of other goods supplied to the pharmacy. All necessary documents, licenses and certificates are available for you to check.

5. If I received an SMS message “Your order No. **** is being picked ...”, when can I receive my goods?

CFP doesn’t send text messages with order numbers; if you have received one, please check the domain link in the signature https://www.mycanadianfamilypharmacy.com If it is absent or different, you have received junk mail.

6. On CFP website, there are prescription drugs - can I order them?

You can order, of course. But to order Rx drugs, you must provide us with posted or scanned copy of your doctor’s prescription.  Otherwise, we won’t process your order.

7. What will happen to my order if I do not redeem it within 5 days, and when I can then pick it up?

If you did not redeem your order within 5 days, the order is canceled, returned to the warehouse and disassembled. And then you will have to make a new order.

8. Can I contact the pharmacy myself and find out if my order has arrived?

You can use the form on our Contact Us page, write an email to ask@mycanadianfamilypharmacy.com or use our live chat.

9. Can I change my order after I sent it to CFP?

Adjustment of goods, quantity, etc. after sending the order is not possible. You can make a new, updated order for Canadian Family Pharmacy. You can also contact us via live chat, and we will do our best to change or cancel your order.

10. Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, payments by bank cards are accepted.

11. How are claims to goods processed?

All claims for goods included in the order, are accepted when they are received by pharmacy before payment at the checkout. When receiving your order, check the conformity to what was ordered, the quantity of goods, their prices, integrity, expiration dates.

12. Can I return the product if it does not suit me?

Return and exchange is not subject to medical technology of proper quality. That is, to return the medical product ordered on the website just because it became unnecessary is impossible. The law establishes a list of goods of appropriate qu. ality, which are not covered by the possibility of return or exchange, if the goods did not fit in shape, style or bundle. The list includes: goods for the prevention and treatment of diseases at home, including: medicines, medical devices and equipment, oral hygiene products, childcare items.

13. Are products at CFP brand or generic drugs?

We have both brand and generics to offer. Generic drugs that we list are all high quality equivalents of brand medicines that are identical in effects and safety to their original variants. They are all produced by trusted manufacturers and their price is up to 90% lower than that of the original drugs. More: mycanadianfamilypharmacy.com/how-we-chooses-generic-drug-manufacturers.html.

14. What Viagra alternatives can I buy at Canadian Family Pharmacy?

Apart from such Viagra alternatives as Cialis and Levitra and their many generics, you can choose from a wide variety of sildenafil products that differ from each other in form, dosage and additional ingredients. Our all-time bestsellers are: Viagra Professional, Viagra Super Active, Viagra Super Force, Kamagra and Kamagra Oral Jelly.

15. Do you have a free delivery?

You are entitled for free delivery with every purchase that amounts for $150.00 and above. Read more about our Free Delivery terms and how they grade and apply in our Terms and Policies section.

16. Is there international delivery?

Yes, Canadian Family Pharmacy delivers drugs to almost every country in the world. To make sure that we will ship to where you are, so see if your country is on the list that we have next to our Ship to button!

17. Do you have any special bonuses?

Every order is complemented with two or four bonus pills of either Viagra, Cialis and Levitra according to your choice. They will be added to your shopping cart as your ring down your purchases and proceed to checkout page, without a penny of extra charge.

If you have any questions, you can ask them by filling out the feedback form, and we will answer you as soon as possible.