Payment Methods Accepted in Our Pharmacy

Our online pharmacy is an international service that delivers its products worldwide. In this connection, we offer a wide range of payment methods convenient for our customers globally, so that geographical borders cease to apply and stand in the way of your receiving the best quality health & pharmacy care possible.

On this page we will tell you about the most common payment methods and how the choice of payment method can affect consumer rights. The consumer should choose the most appropriate method of payment in each situation. When choosing a payment method, the consumer should take into account, among other things, the security of the payment and if the seller cannot recover the money if the seller fails to comply with the agreement. For example, when paying in advance, the consumer should assess how reliable the merchant is and consider how much risk one is willing to take as a consumer.

Credit card

The classic, the most comfortable, also called electronic money, but the most feared, because if your data goes into clumsy hands, the risk of theft is high. The credit card has annual fees and no top-up costs. According to data collected by the police, data theft from credit cards takes place more in offline stores than on the internet. This is why we at Canadian Family Pharmacy take proud in the way we code our checkout page for our customers to have the ultimate security level and be protected from data theft and fraud in the best possible way.

For future reference, our network security experts suggest several life-saving tips to you for handling credit card data theft – and for the sake of taking the load of second-guessing off your mind in case you are still uncertain whether or not it is safe to pay for your online purchases with a credit card. Since you are using a card that makes available all that you have on c / c banking it is advisable that you take action so that this does not happen. Activate the alert service with a text message so every time the credit card is handled, you receive a warning and if you are not the one to move it, you have suffered a theft. Do not panic, challenge, communicate, notify, call the credit card company right away. The card is blocked immediately and your account as well. All that will be stolen will be credited back to you.

Write a registered letter directly to the registered office of:

  1. bank;
  2. company that manages the card;
  3. if possible and identifiable: supplier.

In this communication, you request the reimbursement of the sum illegitimately debited, to be indicated with precision, specifying the reasons and that is that it does not correspond to any purchase, that the recipient site of the payment has never been attended and so on.

Visa / Mastercard

Debit card: The debit card is a chip card that can be used for payments from your own account. If a purchase has been paid with the debit feature of the debit card, the consumer may, in a problem situation, require credit in addition to the seller also by the card company, if the company is committed to this in card terms or otherwise.

Credit card: In case of purchases paid for using a credit card, the shopper can request full reimbursement from the creditor. The consumer can turn to the creditor in situations where the company does not deliver the purchase, the purchase has been invoiced incorrectly or the product arrives with a flaw for which the seller is responsible. The creditor is not obliged to repay more than paid to the credit company.

Combination cards: Credit cards are often combination cards, which have both debit and credit attributes. When paying with a combination card, the consumer must choose whether to pay from their own account (debit) or with the credit card.

Western Union

Today Western Union is the oldest transfer company and operates in almost all the countries of the world. In 1860 the “New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company” changed its name to “Western Union Telegraph Company”, the name destined to become legendary. This enterprising company took charge of creating the first transcontinental telegraph line that was completed and inaugurated in 1861, throwing the rival companies of the “Pony Express” onto the pavement. In 1871 they introduced the transfer of money. In 1914, the company introduced the first credit card for his customers, a wire card that gives him the possibility of paying his services in a deferred manner.

Payment can be made: at the counters scattered everywhere and characterized by the classic sign, or online on our site. To make payments with Western Union via the Internet, you must register on the site and give, once and for all, your credit card number.


Canadian Family Pharmacy proudly presents yet another payment method: bitcoins. Yes, we are one of the very first pharmacies to introduce this cutting-edge payment method that is destined to become the future of cryptocurrencies, if not of the entire payment system as such. If you are still pretty new to this awesomely beneficial and safe way of online payment, here is a short guide to how it is done provided by our trusted online payment security professionals.

There are several ways to get bitcoins. You can buy them privately by someone who already has, or you can buy them on a stock exchange or through an online exchange service. You can also create new custom bitcoins by “digging” them with the help of a specialized or very powerful computer (but it’s so technically complicated that it’s not appropriate to describe it in this guide).

The “most common” is simply buying bitcoin by transferring any amount of a traditional currency, such as crowns or dollars. There are many options for this, such as, or the like. The file to backup is called wallet.dat, stored, for example, on a USB or a hard drive. If you lost your original file, you can restore the file from its backup and again access its bitcoin. The private keys (which are about to work as passwords on the network) refer to that particular file. Bitcoin as money is NOT a kind of digital file that flies around the web but instead is cryptographically signed to and from addresses that the owner accesses through his private key (the key is equivalent to about a password, and usually built into the software that opens its wallet file with – i.e. wallet.dat).

Multibit is otherwise the wallet client recommended by most bitcoin detectors right now. It is a so-called “light” or “thin” client, and you do not need to have the entire block chain downloaded.

Those who feel it’s difficult to handle their bitcoins themselves through an encrypted block chain on their own computer might have to choose to save the bitcoin online instead, for example, at But make sure to create a really complicated password and also write down your password in more than a safe place!

Bitcoin addresses are a key concept when it comes to online payment such as the one offered by Canadian Family Pharmacy. You can create how many addresses in each wallet. An address may be similar to an account. When you transfer bitcoin to any address (online for example) then the bitcoin will go to that address. You can make how many transfers to and from each address. You can collect or divide your bitcoin at different addresses, for example for accounting reasons or because you do not want all your eggs in the same basket.

It is also via a transfer that you buy things online with bitcoin. The seller creates a bitcoin address, copies the address to their wallet software and selects how much bitcoin to send to the address in question. By monitoring the balance at the address in question, the recipient can determine whether the payment has been completed or not and a transfer cannot be undone.


Recently, there has been added a new credit card payment method to the ones that have already been accepted by Canadian Family Pharmacy, which we would like to introduce you. This is the JCB credit card. Thus, the JCB credit card including a non-fictitious account is a very innovative product that combines the advantages of cashless payment with the advantages of a full-fledged checking account. The JCB credit card will be credited – an overdraft is not possible.

JCB credit cards (which means “Japan Credit Bureau”) are the most common in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and the USA. Nearly 64 million people use them for cashless purchases. It is used by more than 16 million sellers in 190 countries. Today, JCB credit cards have more than 60 million cardholders worldwide, accepted in more than 13 million affiliated stores. As of recently, Canadian Family Pharmacy accepts them as a payment method. In Asian countries, e-commerce is developing explosively. JCB payment method can be especially attractive for you as a customer located in this part of the world.

Founded in 1961, JCB leads the Japanese credit card industry, developing convenient, reliable and efficient payment instruments.  JCB begins the expansion phase on international markets starting in 1981, with the aim of promoting the use of JCB paper all over the world and consolidating the brand. The main strategy on which the success of the JCB card is based its customer satisfaction through the offer of a quality service and very high standards

JCB is known to have the benefit of running a large number of global client services. There is  a long list of JCB cards to choose from, for the variety of clients across social strata, from the student to the most demanding entrepreneur.

Below we list the currently available JCB credit cards:

  • The Class – It is the most prestigious JCB credit card that provides special status to a small number of owners.
  • Gold Card JCB – This credit card is the flagship of JCB, preferred by all business executives.
  • JCB Grande – This credit card offers travel health insurance, a 24-hour line for medical consultations, and insurance coverage for loss or damage to property.
  • JCB J-1 (for students) – This is a credit card designed to support younger clients. The card includes, among other advantages, insurance for travel abroad in perfect harmony with the lifestyle of the students.
  • JCB Corporate Card – Available in the Gold, Grande and JCB card versions, it allows the payment of business expenses in an easier way. It can also help companies to regulate these expenses efficiently.



American Express credit cards are known as one of the most frequently used cashless payment methods both online and offline. Credit card payments, both nationally and internationally, are truly risk free. This kind of payment offers extra security layer, the major benefits of this payment method being an instant credit check and availability worldwide.

When you are in a position to compare the most advantageous credit cards to choose which product to entrust your purchases with, the American Express circuit is able to respond with its offer to the most diverse needs. Whether you are looking for a revolving card or choose to learn about the benefits of a prepaid card, American Express is able to respond appropriately to every need, thanks to a wide and varied offer to meet both the needs of consumers and those of companies of different sizes.

Leafing through the America Express proposal, in fact, you can come across a varied range of personal cards, but also business solutions for freelancers and small businesses, up to corporate cards dedicated to larger companies. The most common proposal for individuals is the Green Card, a basic product able to respond adequately to the needs of spending contained, while for shoppers or those who make larger purchases are available the Gold Card and the Platinum Card.

Alongside the most classic solutions, American Express also offers solutions for payment by installments (revolving), as well as a series of co-branded cards which allow you to make purchases in complete freedom, also taking advantage of special discounts and exclusive benefits.

Diners ClubDiners Club

Diners Club is a group with over 60 years of history and great successes. Every member of the Diners Club circuit benefits from unique attention and privileges, which allow them to live every day in the role of absolute centrality. The Diners Club card was the first ever credit card and, together with Discover, it is one of the most prestigious. It is accepted in over 185 countries at millions of points of sale. The Checkout Portal payment facility for Diners Club credit cards is used by online commerce companies with a clientele of a certain level with exclusive needs.

The Diners Card is the key to access the value of being part of a unique and exclusive club. Prestige, efficiency and flexibility are just some of the salient aspects of the Diners system: being part of the club means enjoying benefits tailored to you. Diners is the most recent proposal of the exclusive Diners Club circuit. It is a unique, safe and multifunctional tool, supported in all financial circuits, on a global scale, thanks to the affiliation with Visa and Mastercard.

The Diners group has created a special credit card package for its affiliates, in order to offer them all the advantages of being part of a single club. The proposal on the matter in fact knows how to effectively respond to the specific needs of individuals and companies, with a prestigious product that can be used almost anywhere. Thanks to the precious international experience and the flexibility with which it operates on the market, Diners presents today the first multi-product integrated system, able to complete the payment method with special high added value services.

The cards created by the Diners group are not simple credit cards, but advantageous, versatile and highly secure payment instruments. The Diners circuit regularly informs its affiliates about new promotions and services, creating a proposal that can satisfy your interests, your desire to travel and get to know. There are numerous conventions and circuits that support it: this gives you the opportunity to use this financial product practically everywhere, benefiting from tangible advantages and benefits.

The financial plan envisaged by Diners Card does not provide for any imposed spending ceiling: your Diners Card has no spending limits and is accepted by over 8,000,000 merchants in the world.

  • Classic Diners card. Diners Club Classic is the personal credit card, designed for those who want a “classic” credit card: it is a card with no shopping limits, safe and accepted in financial circuits all over the world.
  • Vintage Diners card. This is a special edition of the card: a product created to pay homage to the great history of the Diners club; designed by the artist John Casado inspired by the legendary ’50s, this card is dedicated to those who love shopping.
  • Card Diners Miles. It is a card designed for travelers: Carta Miles will allow you to accumulate bonuses for each purchase, reinvesting them on trips and miles.