Anti-Spam Regulations & Customer Protection

The problem with junk mail, or spam. is becoming increasingly serious. This year, only the US subscribers get 68.9 billion spam emails, according to the recent analyst. Exactly how much spam sits in Canadian e-mail boxes no one knows, but with increased email usage, spam is also increasing. A majority of junk emails come from the United States. In February, the United States Federal Trade Commission, the FTC, promised to implement measures against spammers. But there are no measurable results so far.

Canadian Pharmacy Spam Tips

I think I received spam from Canadian Family Pharmacy. What do I do?

The problem is that spam is a cheap way for businesses to quickly reach out to many people. Since the internet is international, it is difficult to access the problem by means of legislation. In addition, the ones behind the mailing are often difficult to track. But there are actions you can take both to reduce the risk of being spammed and to filter out the unwanted email from your regular email whenever it arrives.

CFP actively fights against spam in general, and spamming practices that involve our drugstore’s name. Unfortunately, there have been plenty of instances when our identity has been stolen – the popularity of our service is a major attracting factor for spammers.

In case you think you received junk email coming from a company that refers to itself as Canadian Family Pharmacy, we ask you to immediately take several measures. First and foremost, you should check the domain ( address contained in such email. Since our company is not engaged in spam soliciting, it is highly improbable that it is our service that you receive a junk email from.

The next step is to report the abuse instance to our customer support (or representative. Kindly specify the email address you received the unwanted correspondence from. This will help us identify if it was us or an impostor service that sent you the advertising materials. In case these materials come from our company, we will immediately remove you from our mailing list. For this, you will need to confirm that you no longer wish to receive our newsletters – chances are that you did not check off the corresponding box when creating an account.

If, however, these materials do not come from our company, here are ten tips from our IT specialists to facilitate your email life and make sure you minimize the volume of junk correspondence in your inbox folder.

Report Spam

Canadian Pharmacy Spam Tips

1. If possible, filter out the spam email already in the server. A function called ‘reverse lookup’ verifies that the sender server is what it claims to be. Otherwise, the email will not be released. This way, the sender will also receive a message that the address will not work, which hopefully results in your address being removed from the mailing list.

2. Set requirements to your ISP so that they set up their email servers to not forward emails from outside, so-called relay mail. This feature is exploited by spammers who can hide their identity and exploit another company’s addresses to send from.

3. Acquire the habit of just giving out your ‘real’ e-mail address to people you trust.

Never use it when you:

  • Register on public web sites
  • Set an email address on a website
  • Registering a domain (there you must use one you read)
  • Have contact with people or companies you do not know well
  • Posting in public forums, web chats and newsgroups

4. Get a special email address to use online, for example, when network services require registration with a working email address, or if you want visitors to be able to email you from your website.

5. Filter the emails. In most e-mail programs, you can create filters that send unsolicited e-mail directly to the Recycle Bin. For example, filter out emails containing three dollar characters and subject lines starting with ADV. If you often receive spam from the same sender, you can filter all emails coming from there.

6. Report spammers. Forward the message to abuse @ and the domain from which the message came. You can also forward US spam to the FTC. The address is SpamCop is a service where you can notify spammers. Another such service is Spammotel. There you can register the address you use to subscribe to mailing lists. If you then get spam to that address, they can track where the spammer has received it.

7. Turn off features like Active X and the like in the email client, which allows email viruses to spread. Often the virus spreads by forwarding with your address as a sender, which means you lose control of where your email address is located.

8. Be careful joining mailing lists with your personal address. Open chat lists are often intercepted by people and programs that harvest addresses that are later used by spam programs.

9. If you are using Hotmail, you can set the security level to High, so much of the spam is filtered out at once. You can also block senders directly – it can accommodate 250 addresses in Hotmail barring file.

10. Never answer to spam. It only confirms to the spammer that your address works, and there is a risk that you will receive even more spam, even if you clicked a link saying you should be removed from the mailing list.