Safety Of Shopping With Our Service

Security Of Payment

When you share with us your credit card details, we handle card data and use technology that enables cardholder identification. Our website’s security meets the requirements of PCI DSS as well as certification authorities. 3D Secure is a collective name for the security technology that Visa and MasterCard have jointly identified for cardholder identification when purchasing over the Internet. When using 3D Secure, in most cases, the card issuing bank – not you as a customer – carries the financial risk through unauthorized card usage. The pharmacy uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to encrypt personal information, recipe information, address and account card number. With SSL, information can be transmitted securely to the Internet and no unauthorized person can read the information.

Personal Data Protection: Your Confidentiality With Canadian Family Pharmacy

In connection with your registration and / or order you agree that Canadian Family Pharmacy (see how to order), and the Pharmacy’s external suppliers, store and use the name, social security number, address and prescription information, in order to meet, as the case may be, the requirements of the regulations on the ordering and disclosure of medicines and technical liquor as well as administer your purchases and enable the health-related services you wish from the pharmacy.

Your information and personal data are protected by the same protocol as the checkout page. There is no possibility for malefactors to steal your information because of the 256-bit security protocol. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security protocol for sending encrypted information between browser and server. The protocol ensures that all the data is sent encrypted and remain private. SSL is an Internet standard and is used by millions of websites to maintain information encrypted and secure in transactions with customers online. An SSL certificate acts as a kind of digital ID for websites to be able to send information on transactions safely


An SSL certificate is a kind of digital credential for websites. Through a web browser, a credential check of the SSL certificate can be made to see who owns the certificate. SSL certificate is used to secure a web server so that the information / transaction downloaded by the browser is encrypted. The technology on which SSL is based was developed by Netscape in 1994.

The SSL protocol is invisible to your customers. Instead, the browser is an important indicator that shows the user if the site is protected with SSL (HTTPS). When a web browser connects to a secure site, it will retrieve the site’s SSL certificate and verify that it has not expired, and if it has been issued by an authorized certificate authority trusted by the browser and that the certificate has been issued to the correct domain name. If the site fails with any of these controls, the browser will display a warning to the end user stating that the site is not sure to surf.

At CFP, we have two zones: secured zone restricted for registered customers only when they are logged in – those are the pages that require data protection, like your personal pages, profile settings, and ordering pages; the other zone does not require any specific secure settings, so in order to make your browsing on them more functional, we left them unburdened with complicated encrypting. No actions that you take while browsing these pages are going to collect your sensitive information, you are absolutely safe reading our educational materials, news and other pages with descriptive content.