Our Team: Proudly Presenting the Leading Specialists

Canadian Family Pharmacy has deep respect to the traditions of its industry, traced all the way back to when a small local chemist’s was the only source of medicines in every neighborhood. Back in the day, it was a natural matter to personally know one’s pharmacists. A lot has changed since that time, but not in the way we see this valuable exchange between the patient and their chemist. Therefore, without further ado, we would like to proudly present the pharmacists that work for our e-drugstore, the people behind the brand who make it possible for customers receive the best quality products for caring for their health.

Dr Florence Brown, chief pharmacist

Dr Florence Brown

Dr Florence Brown majored in Mechanical Engineering at the faculty of Biomedical Engineering with specialization in Biomechanical Engineering. She had been working for CFP for almost 6 years now, contributing immensely to the quality of what we do as a dispenser of generic drugs. It is her job to ascertain the quality of each drug generic that we recommend on the pages of our website, as well as to see to it that the pharmaceuticals that arrive to our warehouse are what they claim to be.

Dr Brown is a high class specialist and a mother of three. She successfully combines her personal life with a distinguished career, while managing to find time to pursue her hobbies: Dr Brown is an enthusiastic hiker and a diver with more than 10 years of experience behind her. She is certain that having a healthier life begins with finding time to feel one with nature – this translates into her work, where she is always looking for the ways to restore health with minimal use of drugs. It is thanks to her supervision that we manage to offer so much useful advice on life quality improvement that does not necessarily depend on the use of medicine drugs.

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Dr David Hall, chief MD

Our own Dr David Hall is the person whose valuable advice and attention to detail allows our pharmacy to function with high level of precision, providing patient care and follow-up to those ordering medicine drugs from us.

The specialty of Dr Hall, who majored in Urology and Andrology, is closely linked to the specialty of CFP – men’s health, diseases that can affect it, and drugs that are used to treat them. It is with his indispensible advice that we manage to pick the best medicines that restore health in our male patients, providing the best possible outcomes.

Dr Hall is passionate about football, swimming and Asian culture. As a student, he spent months on end traveling around Oman, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Dr Hall is married and is a father to two sons who share most of his interests.

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Dr David Hall

Jack Dillinger, author

Jack Dillinger is our valued content manager at CFP, and the author of the majority of health-related articles that we publish on the pages of our website in the informational sections. Jack holds a medical college diploma; he majored in Nutritionand Dietetics, which gives him solid basis for genuine understanding of the materials he prepares and edits here at Canadian Family Pharmacy.

He is also enthusiastic about making our readers increasingly aware about alternative ways to tackle their ailments, such as the ones that consist in making small but meaningful changes in their lifestyle that lead to big wins in overall wellbeing. Jack is single and shares his apartment with his two cats whom he refers to as the source of his never-ending optimism. He is also an A-class tennis and squash player and a collector of vintage postcards.

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