How We Ensure Product Quality

How does it work in Canada?

The provincial governments in Canada have adopted a national format for drug allocation. According to this format, all drugs are sold in pharmacies only and divided into 3 groups:

  1. non-narcotic prescription drugs;
  2. medications predisposed to be distributed on doctor’s prescription only (Rx drugs) without the possibility of an independent choice of the patient;
  3. over the counter (OTC) drugs that are subject to sale only in pharmacies where a patient can choose and buy independently without special doctor’s prescription.

CFP sells medicines manufactured in Canada and their generics manufactured by pharmaceutical majeures mainly from India. The difference in price between the original drug and generic can vary from 20 to 80%. The same drugs in different pharmacies can cost differently, and some drugs in small pharmacies are much cheaper than in larger networks. We offers the most competitive pricing for both authentic branded drugs and their high-quality generics.

High quality guarantee

CFP purchases goods directly from leading companies specializing in the production and distribution of pharmaceutical products for beauty and health. That is why we give our customers a 100% quality guarantee for all names from the assortment list: medicines, cosmetics, dietary supplements, goods for kids and equipment.

CFP guarantees that medicines, pharmaceutical products and medical supplies, represented on our network have state authentic and qualitative registration. For all products available in pharmacies and subject to mandatory certification, there is accompanying documentation that confirms their quality in accordance with the requirements of Canadian authorities.

High quality guarantee

For many years, CFP has been cooperating with large manufacturers which have proved themselves in the pharmaceutical market as reliable suppliers that guarantee quality and authenticity of medicines and of other goods supplied to the pharmacy. There is an administrator appointed for performance of quality control – he controls all work related to the quality of the incoming goods, shelf life, storage conditions and its implementation. All goods on admission to the pharmacy undergo internal control – “reception for quality”.

Automated computer warehouse program allows you to keep track of all goods in batches and lots, as well as track the history of any of our products and reconcile with the official state data about the rejected and falsified series of medicines. Moreover, Canadian Family Pharmacy promptly receives up-to-date information about falsified and rejected medicines and carries out a secondary control of the available goods.